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Narcotic Nirvana GMM.jpg


Buckskin tobiano

Père: Indian Peaks Buck Beethoven

Mère: Cremedela Sweet Romance.

Indian Peaks Buck Beethoven.jpg

Indian Peaks Buck Beethoven, père de Nirvana

AMHA World top three AOTE Yearling Stallion Futurity

AMHA World Reserve Champion  AOTE Futurity

World Champion AOTE  2yo Old Stallion

 AMHA World Reserve Champion Senior Stallion 30-32"

European Champion & Reserve Champion

Manipulators Buckingham.jpg

Manipulators Buckingham, grand-père de Nirvana

AMHA World Grand Champion Amateur Stallion

AMHA Reserve World Champion Senior Stallion

World Champion Amateur Stallion

Multiple AMHA Top Ten Futurity Sire

AMHA World Top Ten Yearling Stallion

Cremedela Sweet Romance.jpg

Cremedela Sweet Romancemère de Nirvana

GMM Miniatures

Seahorse Echos Arabian Wingz, grand-père de Nirvana

Son origine maternelle remonte à Stonehendge Painted Feather qui a engendré énormément de National Champion

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